Due to COVID-19, we are not offering boarding services at this time.

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Our boarding accommodations are like no other place around. Each dog becomes a member of our family when they stay with us. We limit the number of dogs that stay with us at any given time to 4. This means your dog gets extra TLC all while enjoying a calm, relaxed environment.

Our canine playroom is set up with calming sounds specifically designed for dogs and aromatherapy. We also have a canine treadmill for those rainy days when we can’t get outside to take our nature walks. We offer accommodations to meet both large and small furry friends. We never charge extra for administering medication, playtime, walks or social time with other dogs. This is an all-inclusive accommodation just for your favorite canine companion.

We have been running this style of boarding for close to 20 years and find it’s the most relaxing and stress-free way to go, both for the dogs and their owners.

STEP 1 – Fill Out The Boarding Questionaire



Click Link Below For The Questionnaire

All dogs are required to come in for a couple hours prior to boarding with us.  During this time we are interacting and playing, temperament testing and making sure we are the right fit for each dog just as much as they are the right fit for us. We are looking at behaviors that would be similar to when the owners would be away on vacation; which is why we send the pet parents out for a short time.

*Most dogs are required to be 1 year old or older.  Some puppies may be accepted on a case by case basis.

STEP 2 – Schedule Your Boarding Consultation



Click Link Below To Schedule The Boarding Consultation

The boarding consultation is required of all dogs that will be staying with us. This a 2-hour appointment. During this consultation, owners will drop their dog off and return after the two-hour appointment. We will be checking your dog’s comfort level while here, as well as their socialization skills and temperament. We want to make sure your dog feels comfortable and relaxed outside of their own home and away from their owners. Your dog’s safety and comfort are our top priority.

After we’ve received your form and have spoken to you, go ahead and schedule your boarding consultation. The fee for this service is $35.

Arrive at your boarding consultation appointment with proof of vaccinations.

Vaccinations required: DHLPP, Rabies, Kennel Cough/Bordetella

During the boarding consultation, we will assess your dog and report back when you come to pick them up.

If all goes well and your dog feels comfortable here, you may make your boarding reservations and payment at this time. All reservations will need to be paid in full to reserve your spot. If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation your payment will be put on file as credit for any future services.

STEP 3 – Approved Dogs – Schedule Pickup/Drop Off Times



Click Link Below To Schedule The Boarding Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Once you have booked your dog’s Drop-off and Pick-up appointments, the last thing you’ll need to do is pack up a few items for your dog’s stay with us.

When you drop your dog off for boarding, please bring your dog’s

  • Boarding forms
  • Food already measured in zip-lock bags or the exact measuring scoop you use to portion out their food
  • Medication(s) with clear directions and their name on the label
  • 1 item that smells like home, this could be a towel or an old t-shirt

There’s no need to bring anything else. We have tons of toys, beds, crates and anything else your pup might need to make their stay relaxing. After 20 years of boarding, we have acquired everything to practically open a pet supply store ourselves.

We are looking forward to caring for your dog while you are away!

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